We’re excited to be able to give some details about the upcoming Death Metal Compilation, A Death In New England. Some of you may have already been able to check out the cover art submitted by Mindy Scurto for the 7th in the series of Metalcage releases, I was out Saturday night handing out flyers at the Mayhem/Incantation show in Providence, RI. The flyers included most of the bands participating but, a couple stragglers were added after printing was completed.

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Scaphism will be contributing to the upcoming Metalcage New England Death Metal Compilation, A Death In New England. Check out this Italian blog’s review of their latest album. Embedded player is available for your listening pleasure.

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Non conoscevo la tortura dello scafismo prima di incontrare sul mio percorso osceno gli Scaphist e gli Scaphism. Poi sono arrivati i Gutslit e un loro brano dal loro grandiosoAmputheatre. Se ancora non ne sapete nulla, leggete e poi tornate qui. Entrambi i gruppi a tema sono estremamente validi, ma in questa occasione vi parlo dei secondi, provenienti da Boston.

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We’re extremely excited to be able to bring our region’s amazing New England Metal scene to the world. We have worked on 6 fantastic releases, with well over 50 talented bands, across 6 states. We have covered mixed genres from each state and have presented both a Doom Metal Compilation and a Black Metal Compilation, all featuring bands from the New England Region.



Now, we are working on the latest genre specific compilation, a Death Metal Compilation. Over the past few weeks we have had an incredible response from bands from Rhode Island to Maine. Some veterans of the scene even promise to bring us NEW material !!!

Our goal has been reached to begin the next phase of production with the commitment of 10+ bands. Now we can move forward with the release. More bands are welcome to get involved and submit a track by April 1.

The band list thus far…

Desolate MA
Angel Morgue NH
Headrot RI
Scaphism MA
Necronomichrist MA
Fog Wizard NH
Witchking RI
Plea of Insanity
Lower the Casket RI
Toke MA
Possessed Entity MA
Wretched Abomination NH


Any local New England Death Metal Bands Interested in participating should contact us via email at


Thanks to all the bands and thank you for listening.




Sample Cover for Illustration

MetalCage continues it’s series of New England compilations and is pleased to announce submissions are now being sought for a New England Death Metal Compilation.

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New England is a treasure trove of Metal music. With quality bands from every genre/sub-genre imaginable. Every once in awhile a few stand out. Malacath is one of those projects that does just that.

Deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire shines a beacon of glowing hellfire. A masterful creator of black art who’s talent is only scratching the surface. Heard in the offerings to date, we have mearly witnessed the unholy birth of greatness that is to come. Malacath, with each release, exposes a slightly darker yet, increasingly more proficiency in the arrangements and production.

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As New Hampshire Black Metal Project Malacath gets set to release the upcoming No Sense In Self Worth September 30 2017, the man behind the band, Leonard Trombly has posted a teaser track on YouTube. The track, Woods of Isolation, features lyrics by my good friend and fellow Rhode Islander, Jason Dyer of Deathymn.

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Saturday night I made a point to head into Providence and catch New Hampshire native Angel Morgue at Dusk. I had been intrigued by their Bandcamp offering (embedded below) and their performance video I had seen on YouTube. So, I figured I would get out  see them live.

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MetalCage, as you may already know, was founded as a supporter of the AWESOME New England Metal scene. We’re always trying to find new ways to support local New England Metal bands and shows. With that in mind, we’ve come up with an idea to promote our great scene and get a few of the fans to the shows.

We’re going to be giving away FREE TICKETS to a couple of local New England Metal Shows!!! But, you’re going to have to earn them !

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MetalCage wants to give away 3 pairs of tickets to a local New England show. We’re going to have a little contest promotion to support our local Metal community.

More details will be announced shortly after our Facebook post has received the required 100 post engagements. Like, Comment and/or Share the post to get this moving quicker !!!


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After a little over a year’s absence, I’d like to Re-Launch TheCage. I had moved south for a while and could not bring myself to falsely report on local New England bands and events. 

I apologise to those who submitted tracks for the New England Black Metal Compilation and would still like to pick that back up and release the album. I’ll be contacting those involved to get their feedback.

In this Re-Launch I’d like to try and do something a little different. I’d like to add some contributors. So, if anyone is interested in submitting their ideas, interviews, reviews or news items contact me at mailto://