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SLAM ONE DOWN – Who Really Wants To Live Forever – CD REVIEW


SLAM ONE DOWN is  metal band, native to the New York metal scene. The origin of the band goes back to 2005, when guitarust J.R. first came up with some riffs that later went on to become the bands Demo release.
In 2007, J.R. met vocalist Bobby Brazen, while the two worked together in the band, 4 IN THE CHAMBER. Later, the band recrited locals, Roach McPoach on drums and Shane Train on bass and completed thier lineup.

SLAM ONE DOWN describes thier sound as Thrash meets Metalcore meets Rock n’ Roll. Thier first full lenght album, Who Wants To Live Forever, certainly shows that, and a bit more. With elements of Doom and Hardcore(although metalcore says “core”, I see the two different). They’re a fun loving bunch of guys, that enjoy Beer, Broads and the Band. Thier musical influences range from, QUEEN and SABBATH to METALLICA and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

SLAM ONE DOWN released thier debut album, Who Really Wants To Live Forever, this past September 1st. They present a well packaged release with all they said it would be. Thrashy, Core”ish” Metal with a little good ole Rock n’ Roll mixed in. They take a roller-coaster ride in the tempo department but, that’s NOT a bad thing. Most tracks move nicely … fast->slow->fast , or slow->fast->slow … a few keep a more steady speed.

The guitarwork throughout the album is fantastic. J.R. shows abilities in many genre and many styles. His leads are quite nice and his acoustic play is exceptional. A very talented guitar player.


The bottom boys, Shane on Bass and Roach on Drums, keep the band grounded and well timed. Vocalist, Bobby Brazen, shows range and some pretty good vocal ability as he sings. Both gutterally and with clean vocals. The band, as a whole, have a  good Thrashy/Core sound and really seem to enjoy what they’re doing.

Stand out tracks for me include, 03 Pour One Out, 06 Last Man, 08 Hell Doesn’t Want Me, the title track 10 Who Really Wants To Live Forever and of course both versions of BEER RUN(great fun song with lyrics that you can’t forget lol [ B double E double R  U  N  BEER RUN!])


All in all, a pretty decent album with everything advertised and a bit more. Well worth a listen and adding it to your collection.

Who Really Wants To Live Forever – Track list…

01 Acoustic Beer Run
02 What I’ve Done
03 Pour One Out
04 Music, Money and Girls
05 Cut Me Down (Psycho Party)
06 Last Man
07 The Payback
08 Hell Doesn’t Want Me
09 Beer Run
10 Who Really Wants To Live Forever
11 Too Far Gone
12 About Me…


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